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Heat shock-induced changes in chromatin binding of SUMO2/3 modified proteins

ABSTRACT: Heat shock induces rapid modification of proteins with SUMO2/3. This study concentrated in charaterizing how these changes are reflected on SUMOylation of chromatin bound proteins, trancsription, and chromatin binding of SUMO ligase PIAS1. Comparison of chromatin SUMO2/3 modification pattern in non-stressed and heat shocked K562 and VCaP cells. All samples were done as biological replicates. In K562 cells, SUMO2/3 ChIP-seq was done in non-stressed (37C) and heat shocked (30min at 43C) cells. The effect of heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) to chromatin SUMOylation in HS was studied in HSF1 silenced (shHSF1) K562 cells (non-stressed vs. heat shocked) using scramble shRNA transfected cells as control (shSCR). SUMO2/3, SUMO ligase PIAS1,and RNA polymerase II binding in HS (30 min at 43C) and recovery from HS (1h at 37C after HS) was studied using ChIP-seq. Effect of PIAS1 for chromatin SUMOylation was studied in PIAS1 silenced (siRNA for PIAS1, siPIAS1) cells (non-stressed or heat shocked) using non-targeting siRNA transfected cells as a control (siNON). Effect of SUMOylation to chromatin binding of RNA polymerase II was studied in UBE2I silenced (siRNA for UBE2I) and control (non-targeting siRNA transfected, siNON) VCaP cells (non-stressed or heat shocked). Effect of transtription inhibition for chromatin SUMOylation was studied in TRP (triptolide; 1 micromolar, 3h) and DRB (5,6-Dichlorobenzimidazole 1-beta-D-ribofuranosidase; 100 micromolar, 3h) treated VCaP cells. GRO-seq was used to determine HS-induced changes in nascent transcription in K562 cells.

SUBMITTER: Päivi Sutinen   Jorma J Palvimo  Jenny Joutsen  Minna U Kaikkonen  Lea Sistonen  Ville Paakinaho  Sari Toropainen  Einari A Niskanen  Marjo Malinen  Einari Niskanen  Anniina Vihervaara 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-66448 | ArrayExpress | 2015-07-02



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