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Age associated differences in miRNA signatures are restricted to CD45RO negative T cells and are associated with changes in the cellular composition, activation and cellular ageing

ABSTRACT: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have emerged as important players in the regulation of T-cell functionality. However, comprehensive insight into the extent of age-related miRNA changes in T cells is lacking. We established miRNA expression patterns of CD45RO- naïve and CD45RO+ memory T-cell subsets isolated from peripheral blood cells from young and elderly individuals. Unsupervised clustering of the miRNA expression data revealed an age-related clustering in the CD45RO- T cells, while CD45RO+ T cells clustered based on expression of CD4 and CD8. Seventeen miRNAs showed an at least 2-fold up- or downregulation in CD45RO- T cells obtained from young as compared to old donors. Validation on the same and independent samples revealed a statistically significant age-related upregulation of miR-21, miR-223 and miR-15a. In a T-cell subset analysis focusing on known age-related phenotypic changes, we showed significantly higher miR-21 and miR-223 levels in CD8+CD45RO-CCR7- TEMRA compared to CD45RO-CCR7+ TNAIVE-cells. Moreover, miR-21 but not miR-223 levels were significantly increased in CD45RO-CD31- post-thymic TNAIVE cells as compared to thymic CD45RO-CD31+ TNAIVE cells. Upon activation of CD45RO- TNAIVE cells we observed a significant induction of miR-21 especially in CD4+ T cells, while miR-223 levels significantly decreased only in CD4+ T cells. Besides composition and activation, we showed a borderline significant increase in miR-21 levels upon an increasing number of population doublings in CD4+ T-cell clones. Together, our results show that ageing related changes in miRNA expression are dominant in the CD45RO- T-cell compartment. The differential expression patterns can be explained by age related changes in T-cell composition, i.e. accumulation of CD8+ TEMRA and CD4+ post thymic expanded CD31- T cells and by cellular ageing, as demonstrated in a longitudinal clonal culture model. MicroRNA profiling was performed in eight T cell subsets: CD4 naive (CD3+CD4+CD45RO-), CD8 naive (CD3+CD4-CD45RO-), CD4 memory (CD3+CD4+CD45RO+) and CD8 memory (CD3+CD4-CD45RO+) T cells derived from 5 healthy young and 5 healthy old participants.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Elisabeth Brouwer   Nato Teteloshvili  Anne M Boots  Kornelis S van der Geest  Pytrick Jellema  Bart J Kroesen  Roelof J van der Lei  Graham Pawelec  Joost Kluiver  Anke van den Berg 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-69191 | ArrayExpress | 2015-05-23



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