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Examination of the function of NtMYBGR1 and NtDC1B in tobacco BY-2 cells.

ABSTRACT: Overexpression lines for each of NtMYBGR1 (Genbank accession No. AB279612) and NtDC1B (Genbank accession No. AB279614) were used to characterize the function of NtMYBGR1 and NtDC1B in tobacco BY-2 cells. We then analyzed the effect of overexpression of these genes on the expression of other genes, using the tobacco microarray. As control sample, tobacco cells transformed with empty vector pMAT137 vector were used. Two control and two transgenic cell lines were analyzed at day 4 after subculture into fresh media. Keywords: Genetic modification 1. pMAT vector control, 2. NtMYBGR1 overexpressor, 3. NtDC1B overexpressor.

ORGANISM(S): Nicotiana tabacum  

SUBMITTER: Hiroo Fukuda   Ivan Gális  Mikako Saito  Tomoko Narisawa  Hideaki Matsuoka  Ken Matsuoka  Mam Sasaki  Tomonori Shinya 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-6949 | ArrayExpress | 2007-10-15



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Comprehensive analysis of glucan elicitor-regulated gene expression in tobacco BY-2 cells reveals a novel MYB transcription factor involved in the regulation of phenylpropanoid metabolism.

Shinya Tomonori T   Gális Ivan I   Narisawa Tomoko T   Sasaki Mami M   Fukuda Hiroo H   Matsuoka Hideaki H   Saito Mikako M   Matsuoka Ken K  

Plant & cell physiology 20070830 10

We previously demonstrated that a beta-1,3-, 1,6-oligoglucan (AaGlucan) from the fungus Alternaria alternata 102 shows strong elicitor activity in tobacco BY-2 cells. We have used cDNA microarray analysis to monitor global changes in gene expression in tobacco cells treated with this A. alternata fraction or with laminarin. In total, we identified 265 genes that were induced 1 h after treatment with an AaGlucan-enriched fraction or laminarin. Among them, we characterized in detail a novel tobacc  ...[more]

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