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Conversion of gastric epithelia to endoderm progenitors by small molecules [DNA methylation]

ABSTRACT: Forced expression of transcription factors for lineage reprogramming brings hope to cell-based therapy. However, its application is hampered by risks of potential genetic aberrations and tumorigenicity. Using defined small molecules in presence of gastric stromal cells as feeders, we reprogramed human gastric epithelia into induced multipotent endodermal progenitors (hiMEPs) at efficiency of up-to-6%. The hiMEPs expressed genes relative to endodermal lineages but not associating with pluripotency, and could be expanded clonogenically remaining undifferentiation. Upon induction, hiMEPs were able to give rise to multiple functional endodermal cell types, apart from ectodermal or mesodermal lineages. TGFβ inhibition and particular Wnt signaling activation were crucial in reprogramming process. Collective advantages of availability from donors without age restriction, capabilities in expansion and differentiation, and no concern of tumorigenesis, let hiMEPs have the considerable application potentials on cell therapies of diseases such as liver failure and diabetes, as well as personalized drug-screenings. Gastric epithelial cells (GECs) were isolated from human stomach. Human induced multipotent endodermal progenitors (hiMEPs) were reprogrammed from GECs by small molecules. The hiMEP-Heps were differentiated from hiMEPs under hepatic differentiation protocol. Fetal-Heps were isolated from aborted fetal liver. We used RNA sequencing and DNA methylation analysis to detail the global gene expression profile of GECs, hiMEPs, hiMEP-Heps and Fetal-Heps to delineate the difference of these cells.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Yunfang Wang   Wencheng Zhang  Jinhua Qin  Shuyong Wang  Xuetao Pei 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-69705 | ArrayExpress | 2016-07-24



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