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Gene expression patterns in house dust mite stimulated CD4 T cells and IgG:IgE ratios

ABSTRACT: PBMC from house dust mite (HDM) sensitized atopics were cultured in the presence or absence of HDM extract for 24 hours. At the termination of the cultures, CD4 T cells were isolated using immunomagnetic separation. Gene expression was profiled on microarrays. The study design consisted of 45 subjects and two conditions (medium control, HDM stimulation).

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Anthony Bosco  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-70760 | ArrayExpress | 2015-11-03



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Distinguishing benign from pathologic TH2 immunity in atopic children.

Holt Patrick G PG   Strickland Deborah D   Bosco Anthony A   Belgrave Danielle D   Hales Belinda B   Simpson Angela A   Hollams Elysia E   Holt Barbara B   Kusel Merci M   Ahlstedt Staffan S   Sly Peter D PD   Custovic Adnan A  

The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 20151027 2

BACKGROUND:Although most children with asthma and rhinitis are sensitized to aeroallergens, only a minority of sensitized children are symptomatic, implying the underlying operation of efficient anti-inflammatory control mechanisms. OBJECTIVE:We sought to identify endogenous control mechanisms that attenuate expression of IgE-associated responsiveness to aeroallergens in sensitized children. METHODS:In 3 independent population samples we analyzed relationships between aeroallergen-specific IgE a  ...[more]

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