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Transcriptome assay of materal mRNA degradation in Btg4-deleted oocytes

ABSTRACT: We analyzed the functions of BTG family proteins in maternal mRNA degradation in mouse oocytes. By comparing the degradation of transcripts in WT oocytes and KO oocytes, we are able to know the defects in maternal mRNA clearance in BTG4-deleted oocytes, and identified the BTG4 target genes in oocyte cyplasmic maturation. 2 WT oocyte samples at GV stage, 2 WT oocyte samples at MII stage, 2 Btg4-/- oocyte samples at GV stage and 2 Btg4-/- oocyte samples at MII stage?2 WT embryo samples at zygote stage, 2 WT embryo samples at 2-cell stage, 2 Btg4-/- embryo samples at zygote stage and 2 Btg4-/- embryo samples at 2-cell stage , and a WT GV oocyte, a WT MII oocyte, a Erk-/- GV oocyte and a Erk-/- MII oocyte are performed RNA sequencing.

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Yujiao Dang   Shu-Yan Ji  Chao Yu  yujiao dang 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-71257 | ArrayExpress | 2016-03-16



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