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Regulation of the biofilm-specific genes circuitry in Candida albicans by a novel histone H3 variant

ABSTRACT: To understand the biological relevance of the role played by the HHT1 histone H3 variant in C. albicans, we performed a transcriptome analysis of the mutant by global gene expression array analysis. We analyzed gene expression profile of the mutant in strains LR107 and LR108 (hht1∆/hht1∆) and the parent wild type (SC5314) strain grown in YPD liquid medium at 30°C. In the microarray analysis, a total of 1222 genes were found to be expressed significantly different (fold change < 1.5 at p-value < 0.05) between wild type and two hht1 null mutants. Out of the 1222 differentially expressed genes, 670 genes were up-regulated whereas 552 genes were down-regulated. Gene ontology (GO) analysis of up-regulated and down-regulated genes suggests that biofilm, Hap43, transcription, filamentation, white-opaque/mating and invasive growth are the major pathways altered in minor H3 null mutant. Transcription profiling in planktonic YPD condition suggests that minor H3 represses biofilm genes in the planktonic mode of growth. Therefore we performed a genome-wide expression array study after growing the wild type strain and hht1/hht1 mutant strains in Spider induced biofilm condition. This experiment was carried out with two biological replicates of hht1 null mutants. The biofilm induced microarray data revealed that a total of 1010 genes were differentially expressed (at p-value <0.05 and fold change <1.5) between the wild type and hht1 mutants. Out of 1016 differentially expressed genes, 572 genes were up-regulated whereas 444 genes were down-regulated. Agilent custom one-color experiment,Organism:Candida albicans, Whole Genome Candida albicans 8x15K (AMADID: 026377) designed by Genotypic Technology Private Limited.

ORGANISM(S): Candida albicans  

SUBMITTER: Genotypic technology   Sanyal Kaustuv  Rai Laxmi 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-72824 | ArrayExpress | 2016-09-08



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