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The methylome of Alu repeats in primates

ABSTRACT: Next Generation Sequencing of Unmethylated Alu (NSUMA) interrogation of more than 130,000 individual Alus for differential methylation with concomitant analysis of copy number variations applied to the study of hypomethylation in primates. 3 replicates of Gorilla gorilla, Pan troglodytes, Pongo pygmaeus and Homo sapiens were studied.

SUBMITTER: Sergi Lois   Berta Martín  Miguel A. Peinado  Mireia Jordà  Izaskun Mallona  Miguel A Peinado 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-72877 | ArrayExpress | 2015-09-10



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Genome-wide tracking of unmethylated DNA Alu repeats in normal and cancer cells.

Rodriguez Jairo J   Vives Laura L   Jordà Mireia M   Morales Cristina C   Muñoz Mar M   Vendrell Elisenda E   Peinado Miguel A MA  

Nucleic acids research 20071215 3

Methylation of the cytosine is the most frequent epigenetic modification of DNA in mammalian cells. In humans, most of the methylated cytosines are found in CpG-rich sequences within tandem and interspersed repeats that make up to 45% of the human genome, being Alu repeats the most common family. Demethylation of Alu elements occurs in aging and cancer processes and has been associated with gene reactivation and genomic instability. By targeting the unmethylated SmaI site within the Alu sequence  ...[more]

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