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Effect of PACAP treatment on Bovine chromaffin cells

ABSTRACT: The effect of PACAP treatment on the bovine chromaffin cells in vitro were investigated using mouse Mm36kd3 arrays. Although chromaffin cells have indigenous PACAP, the experiment was designed to find out the effect of additional PACAP on additional activation or suppression of transcription. Keywords: compound treatment design cy5 labelled RNA from PACAP treated bovine chromaffin cells were paired with cy3 labelled RNA from control chromaffin cells for hybridization. Four biological repeats were carried out.

ORGANISM(S): Bos taurus  

SUBMITTER: Babru Bahan Samal  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-7406 | ArrayExpress | 2010-05-26



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Meta-analysis of microarray-derived data from PACAP-deficient adrenal gland in vivo and PACAP-treated chromaffin cells identifies distinct classes of PACAP-regulated genes.

Samal Babru B   Gerdin Matthew J MJ   Huddleston David D   Hsu Chang-Mei CM   Elkahloun Abdel G AG   Stroth Nikolas N   Hamelink Carol C   Eiden Lee E LE  

Peptides 20070619 9

Initial PACAP-regulated transcriptomes of PACAP-treated cultured chromaffin cells, and the adrenal gland of wild-type versus PACAP-deficient mice, have been assembled using microarray analysis. These were compared to previously acquired PACAP-regulated transcriptome sets from PC12 cells and mouse central nervous system, using the same microarray platform. The Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base was then employed to group regulated transcripts into common first and second messenger regulatory clust  ...[more]

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