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Examination of H3K27me3 histone modification in 3 cell types in presence or absence of SuUR mutation

ABSTRACT: Heterochromatin contains repressively modified histones and replicates late in S phase of the cell cycle. Besides the shortage in replication origins, little is known about replication timing regulation in silenced regions. In Drosophila polytene cells, late replication results in under-replication and decreased DNA copy number in heterochromatic regions of the genome. The Suppressor of Under-replication (SUUR) protein controls this feature – in its absence the DNA polytenization level in most silenced regions is restored, however the repressive histone marks are lost. We hypothesized that SUUR regulates the re-establishment of repressive histone pattern during replication which results in delayed replication completion of heterochromatin. Measuring DNA copy number in mutants with disrupted repressive pathways, we found that under-replication is directly linked to repressive histone marks supply. DamID-seq and ChIP-seq experiments revealed that SuUR mutation does not affect the establishment of heterochromatin domains. Here, we identified a novel SUUR protein interaction (CG12018) that supports SUUR association with replication complex. SUUR loads onto replication forks shortly after the origin firing and participates in chromatin maintenance rather than its establishment. Thus, our findings provide comprehensive evidence that late replication in Drosophila is caused by the time-consuming process of replication-coupled repressive chromatin renewal. Examination of H3K27me3 histone modification in 3 cell types in presence or absence of SuUR mutation.

ORGANISM(S): Drosophila melanogaster  

TISSUE(S): Larval Stage3 Cns, 0-4h Embryos, Larval Stage3 Salivary Glands

SUBMITTER: Stepan N Belyakin   Galina V Pokholkova  Daniil Maksimov  Olga V Posukh  Daniil A Maksimov  Ksenia N Skvortsova  Dmitry E Koryakov 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-74908 | ArrayExpress | 2016-01-10



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