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Expression of Cyclic AMP associated genes on primary culture human myometrial cells

ABSTRACT: During pregnancy, the myometrium remains quiescent but at term, switches to a state capable of producing a series of coordinated contractions for the delivery of the fetus. Myometrial contractions of labour signify the normal physiological end-point of pregnancy but the biochemical onset of labour may occur at or before term via a series of changes in expression of labour associated genes that are responsible for controlling the activity of the uterus during pregnancy and parturition. There is increasing evidence that components of the cAMP-signalling pathway are up-regulated in the human myometrium during pregnancy to promote the relaxation of the myometrium until term. Our aim was to determine which cAMP-associated genes are important during pregnancy and parturition by exposing myometrial cells to forskolin and performing an a gene array. We then plan to study the trend of the cAMP-associated genes at different stages of gestation and during labour. In this study, we used microarrays to elucidate forskolin responsive genes in human myometrium. These data may provide a broader view of gene networks and cellular functions regulated by forskolin in human myometrial cells. In our future study, this will also help us understand the role of cAMP in human parturition. Primary cultures of human myometrial cells were grown from myometrial biopsies obtained at the time of elective caesarean section at term. Cells were exposed to forskolin (100 µM) for 48 hours, and then total RNA were extracted from each culture. Two comparisons were carried out including: 1. Control 2. Forksolin

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Angela Yulia   Mark R Johnson  Suren R Sooranna 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-75799 | ArrayExpress | 2016-07-01



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