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Gonadal transcriptome analysis in sterile double haploid Japanese flounder

ABSTRACT: We used the Illumina sequencing platform to analyze the transcriptome of sterile female DH Japanese flounder in order to identify major genes that cause sterility and to provide a molecular basis for an intensive study of gonadal development in teleosts. Through sequencing, assembly, and annotation, Three sterile female japanese flounders were control samples and three fertile ones were references samples

ORGANISM(S): Paralichthys olivaceus  

SUBMITTER: xiaoyan zhang   Xiao-Yan Zhang  Chen Dai  Ji-Lun Hou 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-75895 | ArrayExpress | 2015-12-10



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Gonadal Transcriptome Analysis in Sterile Double Haploid Japanese Flounder.

Zhang Xiaoyan X   Hou Jilun J   Wang Guixing G   Jiang Hongbo H   Wang Yufen Y   Sun Zhaohui Z   Jiang Xiufeng X   Yu Qinghai Q   Liu Haijin H  

PloS one 20151118 11

Sterility is a serious problem that can affect all bionts. In teleosts, double haploids (DHs) induced by mitogynogenesis are often sterile. This sterility severely restricts the further application of DHs for production of clones, genetic analysis, and breeding. However, sterile DH individuals are good source materials for investigation of the molecular mechanisms of gonad development, especially for studies into the role of genes that are indispensable for fish reproduction. Here, we used the I  ...[more]

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