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Effect of anti-IL-15 administration on T cell and NK cell homeostasis in rhesus macaques (TCM)

ABSTRACT: Analysis of the effect of anti-IL-15 monoclonal antibody treatment on T cell and NK cell homeostasis in rhesus macaques. The hypothesis tested in the present study was that repeated administrations of a rhesusized anti-IL-15 monoclonal antibody would block IL-15 activity in vivo and result in changes to T and/or NK cell population dynamics that would reflect physiologic IL-15 function. The results provide important information on the specific role IL-15 plays in effector memory T cell and NK cell homeostasis, noting that effector memory T cells but not NK cells can be maintained in the absence of IL-15 signaling by the activity of other cytokines. Sort-purified CD8+ and CD4+ TCM from PBMC, before and after treatment with IgG1 Ab and anti-IL15 Ab

ORGANISM(S): Macaca mulatta  

SUBMITTER: Louis J Picker   Afam A Okoye  Mukta Vaidya  AARTHI TALLA  Rafick-Pierre Sekaly  Aarthi Talla  Maren Q DeGottardi 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-76785 | ArrayExpress | 2016-09-07



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IL-15 has been implicated as a key regulator of T and NK cell homeostasis in multiple systems; however, its specific role in maintaining peripheral T and NK cell populations relative to other γ-chain (γc) cytokines has not been fully defined in primates. In this article, we address this question by determining the effect of IL-15 inhibition with a rhesusized anti-IL-15 mAb on T and NK cell dynamics in rhesus macaques. Strikingly, anti-IL-15 treatment resulted in rapid depletion of NK cells and b  ...[more]

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