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The footprint of polygenic adaptation on stress-responsive cis-regulatory divergence in the Arabidopsis genus

ABSTRACT: We generated F1 hybrids of each of the sister species A. halleri and A. lyrata with their outgroup relative of A. thaliana and monitored allele-specific levels of expression in standard growth conditions, in response to dehydration or cold exposure. This data allowed us to map the genome-wide distribution of cis-regulatory mutations active in three distinct environments reflecting divergent adaptations of the two species. Because the sister species were both crossed to an outgroup species, it was possible to assign a phylogenetic origin to cis-acting mutations. Cis-acting mutations observed in only one of the two hybrids were likely to be derived, whereas those observed in both hybrids either predate predated the split between the two species or arose along the A. thaliana lineage. By contrasting the distribution of cis-regulatory mutations derived in the A. halleri to those derived on the A. lyrata lineage, we could establish relative rates of cis-acting evolution across polygenic molecular functions and detect lineage-specific polygenic adaptation to environmental challenges. A.thalianaxA.lyrata under cold, dehydration and standard conditions, 3 biological replicates; A.thalianaxA.halleri under cold, dehydration and standard conditions, 3 biological replicates; toal 18 RNA-seq samples

ORGANISM(S): Arabidopsis lyrata  

SUBMITTER: Andreas Beyer   Fei He  Gregor Schmitz  Agustin Arce  Juliette de Meaux  Polina Novikova  Maarten Koornneef 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-80462 | ArrayExpress | 2016-06-01



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