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The effect of heat stress on the expression profile of potato tuber periderm genes

ABSTRACT: The goal of the current research is to identify factors that involved with heat induced russeting of the potato tuber skin. Potato plants of the variety Desirèe were grown in pots filled with perlite, in a greenhouse under natural winter conditions (Nov 2005- Jan 2006, average temperatures range of 10-18°C). For the exposure of tubers to heat stress (H) hot water (33-35°C) was circulated in tubes lined at the internal side of the pots. The heat was applied one week before tubers harvest. Tubers were harvested at two time points: 8 weeks post sprouting and a week post mechanical vine killing. The skin (S) of young tubers was peeled by hand, as the remaining phelloderm (PH) layers, the periderm of young tubers (P) and the periderm of mature tubers (ST) were peeled using a scalpel blade. Leaves (L) and tuber flesh (TF) samples were collected as well. For each RNA sample 4 biological replicates were prepared; each one represents pooled tissues from 4-6 plants grown at different location in the greenhouse. RNA was extracted using CTAB protocol, and was further purified by RNeasy Mini Kit (Qiagen) using the On-Column DNase Digestion protocol. Keywords: Loop design 28 hybs total

ORGANISM(S): Solanum tuberosum  

SUBMITTER: Ginzberg Idit   Jia Liu 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-8283 | ArrayExpress | 2007-08-31



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