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Differences found in expression of cell surface & ECM components during development of the rainbow trout ovary & testis.

ABSTRACT: A comparison of "maturing" and "prespawn" ovarian and testicular transciptomes was performed to determine the genes that are involved in regulating gametic and accessory cell function during maturation and development of the rainbow trout gonad. To identify some fo the genes involved in these processee, total RNA was compared between three-year-old normal vs two-year-old normal (maturing) and three-year-old normal vs two-year-old precocious (prespawn) gonadal tissue. Three biological replicates for both "maturing" and "prespawn" rainbow trout ovary and testis with corresponding dye flips.

ORGANISM(S): Oncorhynchus mykiss  

SUBMITTER: Ryosuke Yazawa   Glenn A Cooper  William S Davidson  Ben F Koop  Jong Leong  Kris R von Schalburg 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-8309 | ArrayExpress | 2010-06-10



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