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Exosomal microRNA, miR-1246, induces cell motility and invasion through the regulation of DENND2D in oral squamous cell carcinoma

ABSTRACT: To Identify of metastasis-related genes and metastasis-related miRNA in oral squamous cell carcinoma by miRNA profiling of HOC313-Parent, HOC313-LM and their respective exosomes carried out. As a result, miR-342-3p and -1246 were found candidate oncogenic miRNAs. To further identify the target genes of miR-1246 and miR-342-3p, we performed gene expression array analysis with HOC313-LM and HOC313-Parent (HOC313-P) transfected NT, miR-342-3p and miR-1246. Moreover, to identify tumor suppressor genes, gene expression profiles of each of transfected cells and HOC313-LM cells were analyzed by in silico analyses. As a result, DENND2D emerged as the possible target of miRN-1246. Extraction of difference of miRNA expression level between whole cell and exosomes of HOC313-Parent and HOC313-LM. Also, extraction of difference of gene expression level between high-metastatic subline (HOC313-LM) and low-metastatic subline (HOC313-P). Moreover the miRNA expression profiles and gene expression profiles were analyzed by in silico analyses.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Johji Inazawa   Tomoki Muramatsu  Sujata Sakha 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-83981 | ArrayExpress | 2016-08-15



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