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Normal human fibroblast cell line bystander effects by Carbon ion irradiation

ABSTRACT: We have recently investigated the response of irradiated and bystander fibroblasts to heavy ions in confluent cultures exposed randomly to broadbeam and selectively to precision microbeam that target a predefined fraction of cells with counted number of particle(s), respectively, and found the difference in the time course of apoptosis induction and p53 phosphorylation between irradiated and bystander cells [Hamada MR2008]. In the present investigation, to further scrutinize the underpinnings of their temporally distinct responses, we set out to examine the gene expression changes in irradiated and bystander fibroblasts at a genome-wide level with the microarray analysis under the same experimental condition. We demonstrate that the gene expression profiles of bystander cells are substantially different from those of heavy ion-irradiated cells. Keywords: bystander effect, hour-time course cell number dependency, irradiation-dose response 36 samples ; Broadbeam control A, Broadbeam control B, Broadbeam sham 2 h A, Broadbeam sham 2 h B, Broadbeam sham 6 h A, Broadbeam sham 6 h B, Broadbeam D 2 h A, Broadbeam D 2 h B, Broadbeam D 6 h A, Broadbeam D 6 h B, Broadbeam 0.1D 2 h A, Broadbeam 0.1D 2 h B, Broadbeam 0.1D 6 h A, Broadbeam 0.1D 6 h B, Broadbeam 0.01D 2 h A, Broadbeam 0.01D 2 h B, Broadbeam 0.01D 6 h A, Broadbeam 0.01D 6 h B, Microbeam Control A, Microbeam Control B, Microbeam sham 2 h A, Microbeam sham 2 h B, Microbeam sham 6 h A, Microbeam sham 6 h B, Microbeam 1c 2 h A, Microbeam 1c 2 h B, Microbeam 1c 6 h A, Microbeam 1c 6 h B, Microbeam 5c 2 h A, Microbeam 5c 2 h B, Microbeam 5c 6 h A, Microbeam 5c 6 h B, Microbeam 25c 2 h A, Microbeam 25c 2 h B, Microbeam 25c 6 h A, Microbeam 25c 6 h B.


ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Kaori Imadome  Nobuyuki Hamada  Mayumi Iwakawa 

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-8993 | ArrayExpress | 2008-09-02



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Expression profiles are different in carbon ion-irradiated normal human fibroblasts and their bystander cells.

Iwakawa Mayumi M   Hamada Nobuyuki N   Imadome Kaori K   Funayama Tomoo T   Sakashita Testuya T   Kobayashi Yasuhiko Y   Imai Takashi T  

Mutation research 20080502 1-2

Evidence has accumulated that ionizing radiation induces biological effects in non-irradiated bystander cells having received signals from directly irradiated cells; however, energetic heavy ion-induced bystander response is incompletely characterized. Here we performed microarray analysis of irradiated and bystander fibroblasts in confluent cultures. To see the effects in bystander cells, each of 1, 5 and 25 sites was targeted with 10 particles of carbon ions (18.3 MeV/u, 103 keV/microm) using  ...[more]

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