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Transcription profiling of mice treated with arachidonate-rich fungal oil and fish oil on murine hepatic and hippocampal gene expression.

ABSTRACT: Dietary effects of arachidonate-rich fungal oil and fish oil on murine hepatic and hippocampal gene expression.; Brain:; GSM2558: Control; GSM2559: Control ; GSM2560: Fungal oil (AA); GSM2561: Fungal oil (AA); GSM2562: Fish oil (DHA); GSM2563: Fish oil (DHA); GSM2564: Fish and Fungal oil (DHA + AA); Liver:; GSM2565: Control ; GSM2566: Control; GSM2567: Control; GSM2568: Control; GSM2569: Fungal oil (AA); GSM2570: Fungal oil (AA); GSM2571: Fish oil (DHA); GSM2572: Fish oil (DHA); GSM2573: Fish + Fungal oil (DHA +AA); GSM2574: Fish + Fungal oil (DHA +AA)

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

TISSUE(S): Liver, Hippocampus

SUBMITTER: David Vilanova  

PROVIDER: E-GEOD-91 | ArrayExpress | 2007-12-13



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The limit fold change model: a practical approach for selecting differentially expressed genes from microarray data.

Mutch David M DM   Berger Alvin A   Mansourian Robert R   Rytz Andreas A   Roberts Matthew-Alan MA  

BMC bioinformatics 20020621

BACKGROUND:The biomedical community is developing new methods of data analysis to more efficiently process the massive data sets produced by microarray experiments. Systematic and global mathematical approaches that can be readily applied to a large number of experimental designs become fundamental to correctly handle the otherwise overwhelming data sets. RESULTS:The gene selection model presented herein is based on the observation that: (1) variance of gene expression is a function of absolute  ...[more]

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