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Transcription profiling of adult male whole MutaMouse lung with its immortalized 100% confluent epithelial lung cell line counterpartMergen Expresschip

ABSTRACT: Biological comparison of gene expression profiles of adult male whole MutaMouse lung with its immortalized 100% confluent epithelial lung cell line counterpart. White, P.A.,et al. 2003. Development and characterization of an epithelial cell line from MutaMouse lung. Environ Mol Mutagen 42,3 pgs 166-184

INSTRUMENT(S): Scanning hardware

ORGANISM(S): Mus Musculus

TISSUE(S): Lung, Unspecified

SUBMITTER: Lynn Berndt   Neena Parbhakar   Carole Yauk  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-108 | ArrayExpress | 2004-07-01


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Comprehensive comparison of six microarray technologies.

Yauk Carole L CL   Berndt M Lynn ML   Williams Andrew A   Douglas George R GR  

Nucleic acids research 20040827 15

Microarray technology is extensively used in biological research. The applied technologies vary greatly between laboratories, and outstanding questions remain regarding the degree of correlation among approaches. Recently, there has been a drive toward ensuring high-quality microarray data by the implementation of MIAME (Minimal Information About a Microarray Experiment) guidelines and an emphasis on ensuring public-availability to all datasets. However, despite its current widespread use and av  ...[more]

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