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Transcription profiling of S. cerevisiae and S. pastorianus harvested after 0, 6, 24, and 48 hrs of fermentation

ABSTRACT: S. cerevisiae S288C and S. pastorianus KBY011 were fermented at 20C for 48 hrs, respectively. The difference of transcription profiling between them was examined using samples harvested at 0, 6, 24, and 48 hrs during fermentation.

INSTRUMENT(S): G2565BA DNA microarray scanner [Agilent]

SUBMITTER: Satoshi Yoshida  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-1086 | ArrayExpress | 2008-03-15


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Development of bottom-fermenting saccharomyces strains that produce high SO2 levels, using integrated metabolome and transcriptome analysis.

Yoshida Satoshi S   Imoto Jun J   Minato Toshiko T   Oouchi Rie R   Sugihara Mao M   Imai Takeo T   Ishiguro Tatsuji T   Mizutani Satoru S   Tomita Masaru M   Soga Tomoyoshi T   Yoshimoto Hiroyuki H  

Applied and environmental microbiology 20080229 9

Sulfite plays an important role in beer flavor stability. Although breeding of bottom-fermenting Saccharomyces strains that produce high levels of SO(2) is desirable, it is complicated by the fact that undesirable H(2)S is produced as an intermediate in the same pathway. Here, we report the development of a high-level SO(2)-producing bottom-fermenting yeast strain by integrated metabolome and transcriptome analysis. This analysis revealed that O-acetylhomoserine (OAH) is the rate-limiting factor  ...[more]

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