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Transcription profiling of female Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes blood fed on mice infected with P. berghei and treated with chloroquine or untreated

ABSTRACT: The effect of chloroquine on mosquitoes transcript abundance was assayed by comparing gene expression between mosquitoes fed on a blood meal containing 50 mg/Kg of chloroquine and those that had fed on a normal blood meal. Pools of 50 midguts were dissected and were hybridize with MMC1 (or 20K) microarrays.

Anopheles gambiae female mosquitoes were blood fed on BALB/c mice infected with P. berghei and intraperitonally pre-treated with 50 mg/kg of chloroquine. As controls, mosquitoes were blood fed on untreated P. berghei infected mice.

Mosquitoes were collected 24 hours post-blood feeding and pools of 50 midguts were dissected and processed for hybridization with MMC1 (or 20K) microarrays.Two different biological experiments were performed for each treatment.

INSTRUMENT(S): Tecan LS 300 scanner

ORGANISM(S): Anopheles gambiae  

SUBMITTER: Patrícia S Abrantes  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-1201 | ArrayExpress | 2007-10-12


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Chloroquine mediated modulation of Anopheles gambiae gene expression.

Abrantes Patrícia P   Dimopoulos George G   Grosso Ana Rita AR   do Rosário Virgílio E VE   Silveira Henrique H  

PloS one 20080702 7

Plasmodium development in the mosquito is crucial for malaria transmission and depends on the parasite's interaction with a variety of cell types and specific mosquito factors that have both positive and negative effects on infection. Whereas the defensive response of the mosquito contributes to a decrease in parasite numbers during these stages, some components of the blood meal are known to favor infection, potentiating the risk of increased transmission. The presence of the antimalarial drug  ...[more]

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