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Transcription profiling of cardiac valves from patients with bacterial infectious endocarditis

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiles of cardiac valves from patients with bacterial infectious endocarditis (3 infected with Streptococcus sp. and 2 infected with Staphylococcus aureus) were compared with uninfected cardiac valves (7 patients) from patients with hemodynamic disturbing events

INSTRUMENT(S): G2505A DNA microarray scanner [Agilent]

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

DISEASE(S): Suspect S. Aureus Endocarditis,Endocarditis Due To Streptococcus Sp.,Hemodynamic Disturbing Events,Endocarditis Due To S. Aureus

SUBMITTER: Yannick Le Priol  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-1334 | ArrayExpress | 2009-10-23


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The transcriptional programme of human heart valves reveals the natural history of infective endocarditis.

Benoit Marie M   Thuny Franck F   Le Priol Yannick Y   Lepidi Hubert H   Bastonero Sonia S   Casalta Jean-Paul JP   Collart Frédéric F   Capo Christian C   Raoult Didier D   Mege Jean-Louis JL  

PloS one 20100128 1

Infective endocarditis (IE) is an infectious disease that is mainly caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus sp. It usually leads to valvular destruction and vegetation formation. Its pathophysiology is badly understood and likely involves immune and coagulation systems with close interactions with the microorganism. Our objective was to evaluate host response by comparing transcriptional profiles of cardiac valves from IE patients with controls. Hierarchical clustering revealed a signa  ...[more]

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