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Transcription profiling of rat gastrocneumius muscle following short and long term denervation

ABSTRACT: Effect of "Sensory Protection" on the transcriptome of Gastrocnemius muscle denervated by Tibial nerve transection in the rat. Comparison is made between the muscle transcriptome in denervated muscle (D), muscle undergoing surgical repair with a motor nerve (immediate repair, or IR) and muscle undergoing surgical repair with a pure sensory nerve (sensory protection, or SP). There are 6 cohorts of rats with 4 to 6 rats in each cohort:

1 Month Denervated, 1 Month Immediate Repair, 1 Month Sensory Protection, 3 Month Denervated, 3 Month Immediate Repair, 3 Month Sensory Protection.

For each animal RNA was extracted from both the experimental operated (right) gastrocnemius muscle and the contralateral control unoperated (left) gastrocnemius. Samples were run in duplicate with fluorophor reversal experiments (i.e experimental limb RNA labelled with Cy3 and control limb RNA labelled with Cy5 and vice versa) to control for possible unequal incorporation of the dyes in the reverse transcription reaction.

SUBMITTER: Jane A Batt  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-1580 | ArrayExpress | 2009-04-15


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