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Transcription profiling of B anthracis wild type and codY mutant 7CodYS

ABSTRACT: B. anthracis 7702 and the codY mutant 7CodYS were grown in R-medium (Ristroph, J.D. & Ivins, B.E. (1983). Elaboration of Bacillus anthracis antigens in a new, defined culture medium. Infect. Immun. 39:483-486) with 0.6% sodium bicarbonate until A600 = 0.2 or 1.0. The transcriptome of both strains was compared at both time-points.

ORGANISM(S): Bacillus anthracis  

SUBMITTER: Willem van Schaik  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-1706 | ArrayExpress | 2008-11-15


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The global regulator CodY regulates toxin gene expression in Bacillus anthracis and is required for full virulence.

van Schaik Willem W   Château Alice A   Dillies Marie-Agnès MA   Coppée Jean-Yves JY   Sonenshein Abraham L AL   Fouet Agnès A  

Infection and immunity 20090803 10

In gram-positive bacteria, CodY is an important regulator of genes whose expression changes upon nutrient limitation and acts as a repressor of virulence gene expression in some pathogenic species. Here, we report the role of CodY in Bacillus anthracis, the etiologic agent of anthrax. Disruption of codY completely abolished virulence in a toxinogenic, noncapsulated strain, indicating that the activity of CodY is required for full virulence of B. anthracis. Global transcriptome analysis of a codY  ...[more]

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