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Transcription profiling of rat sarcopenic skeletal muscle after treatment with extract of Ginko biloba Egb 761 shows that a juvenile gene expression profile is reactivated

ABSTRACT: The sarcopenia-associated decline of the muscular performances in older people is improved
by exercise and caloric restriction but is still lacking a more suitable pharmacological
treatment. We investigated the effects of EGb 761, a Gingko biloba extract used to treat
chronic age-dependent neurological disorders, on the soleus muscle of aged rats. DNA
microarray analysis shows that the EGb 761 treatment is associated with the transcriptional
reprogramming of genes related to regeneration and energy production functions. EGb 761
up-regulated genes implicated in myogenesis though the TGF? signaling pathway. Also, EGb
761, by modulating genes implicated in fatty acids and glucose oxidation, reversed the agerelated
shift from lipids to glucose and improved energy production in mitochondria. These
modifications restore a more juvenile gene expression pattern that is concomitant with the
improvement of the muscular performances, as assessed by electrophysiological and
biochemical parameters. Thus, EGb 761 may represent a novel treatment for sarcopenia

ORGANISM(S): Rattus norvegicus  

SUBMITTER: joel lachuer  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-1937 | ArrayExpress | 2009-06-30


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The extract of Ginkgo biloba EGb 761 reactivates a juvenile profile in the skeletal muscle of sarcopenic rats by transcriptional reprogramming.

Bidon Caroline C   Lachuer Joël J   Molgó Jordi J   Wierinckx Anne A   de la Porte Sabine S   Pignol Bernadette B   Christen Yves Y   Meloni Rolando R   Koenig Herbert H   Biguet Nicole Faucon NF   Mallet Jacques J  

PloS one 20091124 11

Sarcopenia is a major public health problem in industrialized nations, placing an increasing burden on public healthcare systems because the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength that characterizes this affection increases the dependence and the risk of injury caused by sudden falls in elderly people. Albeit exercise and caloric restriction improve sarcopenia-associated decline of the muscular performances, a more suitable and focused pharmacological treatment is still lacking.In order to ev  ...[more]

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