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Comparative genomic hybridization of DNA from bacteriophages from Bartonella grahamii and cellular DNA

ABSTRACT: The DNA content of bacteriophages from Bartonella grahamii was investigated by hybridization against cellular DNA from the same organism. Phage particles were isolated from plate grown bacteria as well as from different growth phases during culture in liquid medium.

ORGANISM(S): Bartonella grahamii  

SUBMITTER: Eva Berglund  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-2149 | ArrayExpress | 2009-07-04


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Run-off replication of host-adaptability genes is associated with gene transfer agents in the genome of mouse-infecting Bartonella grahamii.

Berglund Eva C EC   Frank A Carolin AC   Calteau Alexandra A   Vinnere Pettersson Olga O   Granberg Fredrik F   Eriksson Ann-Sofie AS   Näslund Kristina K   Holmberg Martin M   Lindroos Hillevi H   Andersson Siv G E SG  

PLoS genetics 20090703 7

The genus Bartonella comprises facultative intracellular bacteria adapted to mammals, including previously recognized and emerging human pathogens. We report the 2,341,328 bp genome sequence of Bartonella grahamii, one of the most prevalent Bartonella species in wild rodents. Comparative genomics revealed that rodent-associated Bartonella species have higher copy numbers of genes for putative host-adaptability factors than the related human-specific pathogens. Many of these gene clusters are loc  ...[more]

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