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Genomic hybridization of Methanobacteria to identify the diversity in strains on manure and olive mill waste.

ABSTRACT: Population dynamics of methanogenic genera was investigated in pilot anaerobic digesters. Cattle manure and two-phase olive mill wastes were codigested at a 3:1 ratio in two reactors operated at 37 ᄚC and 55 ᄚC. Other two reactors were run with either residue at 37 ᄚC. Sludge DNA extracted from samples taken from all four reactors on days 4, 14 and 28 of digestion was used for hybridisation with the AnaeroChip, an oligonucleotide microarray targeting those groups of methanogenic archaea that are commonly found under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions (Franke-Whittle et al. 2009, in press, doi:10.1016/j.mimet.2009.09.017).

ORGANISM(S): Methanobacteria  

SUBMITTER: Marta Goberna  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-2453 | ArrayExpress | 2010-11-10


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Adaptation of methanogenic communities to the cofermentation of cattle excreta and olive mill wastes at 37 degrees C and 55 degrees C.

Goberna Marta M   Gadermaier Maria M   García Carlos C   Wett Bernhard B   Insam Heribert H  

Applied and environmental microbiology 20100730 19

The acclimatization of methanogens to two-phase olive mill wastes (TPOMW) was investigated in pilot fermenters started up with cattle excreta (37°C) and after changing their feed to excreta plus TPOMW (37°C or 55°C) or TPOMW alone (37°C) until a steady state was reached (28 days). Methanogenic diversity was screened using a phylogenetic microarray (AnaeroChip), and positive targets were quantified by real-time PCR. Results revealed high phylogenetic richness, with representatives of three out of  ...[more]

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