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Transcription profiling of mouse Gr1- and Gr1+ monocytes

ABSTRACT: Six-weeks old (C57Bl6, Cx3cr1gfp/+) mice were intraperitonealy infected with a low number (1.104) of L. monocytogenes (EGDe strain) in exponential growth phase (bacteria were grown in BHI at 108/ml, and diluted 10.000x in PBS immediately before injection). Group of three mice were euthanized, before infection. Peritoneal cells were recovered by peritoneal lavage. Cells from individual mice were stained with antibodies to CD11b (PECy7), Gr1 (APC), NK1.1, B220 and CD3 (PE), and F4/80 (biotin-conjugated followed by streptavidinpacific blue) for sorting. Gr1- monocytes were purified as NK1.1- CD3- B220- CD11b+ F4/80low Gr1-, gfphigh; Gr1+ monocytes were purified as NK1.1- CD3- B220- CD11b+ F4/80low Gr1+, gfpint; and polymorphonuclear cells were purified as NK1.1- CD3- B220- CD11b+ F4/80- Gr1high, gfp-. 1.103 cells from each mice, time point, and phenotype were purified by facs sorting according to their phenotype. Samples were kept at 4°C before and during the sort. Cells were directly sorted in the SuperAmp Lysis Buffer (Miltenyi Biotec, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany) using a FACS Aria cell-sorter (BD biosciences).

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Nicolas Cagnard  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-2545 | ArrayExpress | 2010-10-17


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Monocytes are effectors of the inflammatory response to microbes. Human CD14(+) monocytes specialize in phagocytosis and production of reactive oxygen species and secrete inflammatory cytokines in response to a broad range of microbial cues. Here, we have characterized the functions of human monocytes that lack CD14 (CD14(dim)) and express CD16. CD14(dim) monocytes were genetically distinct from natural killer cells. Gene expression analyses indicated similarities with murine patrolling Gr1(dim)  ...[more]

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