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Candida glabrata oxidative stress

ABSTRACT: Investigating the oxidative stress response: Candida glabrata strains were stressed with hydrogen peroxide and menadione (causing oxygen radicals) to induce the oxidative stress regulon, which is thought to be upregulated during the oxidative burst inside of phagocytic cells.

ORGANISM(S): [Candida] glabrata  

SUBMITTER: Christoph Schuller  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-2915 | ArrayExpress | 2011-01-01


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Regulation of Candida glabrata oxidative stress resistance is adapted to host environment.

Roetzer Andreas A   Klopf Eva E   Gratz Nina N   Marcet-Houben Marina M   Hiller Ekkehard E   Rupp Steffen S   Gabaldón Toni T   Kovarik Pavel P   Schüller Christoph C  

FEBS letters 20101213 2

The human fungal pathogen Candida glabrata is related to Saccharomyces cerevisiae but has developed high resistance against reactive oxygen species. We find that induction of conserved genes encoding antioxidant functions is dependent on the transcription factors CgYap1 and CgSkn7 which cooperate for promoter recognition. Superoxide stress resistance of C. glabrata is provided by superoxide dismutase CgSod1, which is not dependent on CgYap1/Skn7. Only double mutants lacking both CgSod1 and CgYap  ...[more]

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