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Transcription profiling by array of mouse embryonic stem cells from wildtype and LRRK2-deficient mice to investigate the effects of LRRK2 on neuronal differentiation

ABSTRACT: Wildtype and LRRK2-deficient mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells were used to investigate the effects of LRRK2 on neuronal differentiation.

INSTRUMENT(S): 418 [Affymetrix]

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Ramona Schmid  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-2963 | ArrayExpress | 2011-10-27


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Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 modulates retinoic acid-induced neuronal differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells.

Schulz Cathrin C   Paus Marie M   Frey Katharina K   Schmid Ramona R   Kohl Zacharias Z   Mennerich Detlev D   Winkler Jürgen J   Gillardon Frank F  

PloS one 20110609 6

Dominant mutations in the leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) gene are the most prevalent cause of Parkinson's disease, however, little is known about the biological function of LRRK2 protein. LRRK2 is expressed in neural precursor cells suggesting a role in neurodevelopment.In the present study, differential gene expression profiling revealed a faster silencing of pluripotency-associated genes, like Nanog, Oct4, and Lin28, during retinoic acid-induced neuronal differentiation of LRRK2-deficien  ...[more]

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