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Candida albicans wild type vs. eed1 during growth on plastic

ABSTRACT: C. albicans wild type strain SC5314, the eed1 deletion mutant and an eed1 delta mutant overexpressing UME6 (eed1 + pTET-UME6) were grown on plastic (37°C, RPMI1640 medium, plastic surface, 5% CO2) for 12h. Total RNA was isolated using a phenol-chloroform protocol and labeled with Cy5. Cy5- labeled sample RNA was hybridised with Cy3- labeled common reference (SC5314, 37°C, exponential culture).

ORGANISM(S): Candida albicans  

SUBMITTER: Ronny Martin  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-3083 | ArrayExpress | 2011-05-07


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The Candida albicans-specific gene EED1 encodes a key regulator of hyphal extension.

Martin Ronny R   Moran Gary P GP   Jacobsen Ilse D ID   Heyken Antje A   Domey Jenny J   Sullivan Derek J DJ   Kurzai Oliver O   Hube Bernhard B  

PloS one 20110407 4

The extension of germ tubes into elongated hyphae by Candida albicans is essential for damage of host cells. The C. albicans-specific gene EED1 plays a crucial role in this extension and maintenance of filamentous growth. eed1Δ cells failed to extend germ tubes into long filaments and switched back to yeast growth after 3 h of incubation during growth on plastic surfaces. Expression of EED1 is regulated by the transcription factor Efg1 and ectopic overexpression of EED1 restored filamentation in  ...[more]

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