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Comparative genomic hybridization of variably invasive strains of Neisseria meningitidis

ABSTRACT: Genomic comparison of more and less invasive strains of Neisseria meningitidis

INSTRUMENT(S): (Make:Molecular Dynamics,Model:)

ORGANISM(S): Neisseria meningitidis  

SUBMITTER: Agnes Perrin   colin R tinsley  Keith A Jolley  Sandrine Morelle  Jean-Ralph Zahar  Emmanuelle Bille  Martin C Maiden 

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-343 | ArrayExpress | 2005-05-30


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Epidemiological evidence for the role of the hemoglobin receptor, hmbR, in meningococcal virulence.

Harrison Odile B OB   Evans Nicholas J NJ   Blair Jessica M JM   Grimes Holly S HS   Tinsley Colin R CR   Nassif Xavier X   Kriz Paula P   Ure Roisin R   Gray Steve J SJ   Derrick Jeremy P JP   Maiden Martin C J MC   Feavers Ian M IM  

The Journal of infectious diseases 20090701 1

The distribution of the hemoglobin receptor gene (hmbR) was investigated among disease and carriage Neisseria meningitidis isolates, revealing that the gene was detected at a significantly higher frequency among disease isolates than among carriage isolates. In isolates without hmbR, the locus was occupied by the cassettes exl2 or exl3 or by a "pseudo hmbR" gene, designated exl4. The hmbR locus exhibited characteristics of a pathogenicity island in published genomes of N. meningitidis, Neisseria  ...[more]

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