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Transcription profiling by array of Enterococcus faecium E1162 wild_type vs mdxR mutant grown in M1 with maltose

ABSTRACT: Comparative transcriptome analysis of E. faecium E1162 and its isogenic mdxR deletion mutant during growth in M1 with maltose in mid-exponential phase (A660 = 0.3)

ORGANISM(S): Enterococcus faecium  

SUBMITTER: Xinglin Zhang  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-3759 | ArrayExpress | 2013-10-09


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A LacI-family regulator activates maltodextrin metabolism of Enterococcus faecium.

Zhang Xinglin X   Rogers Malbert M   Bierschenk Damien D   Bonten Marc J M MJ   Willems Rob J L RJ   van Schaik Willem W  

PloS one 20130807 8

Enterococcus faecium is a gut commensal of humans and animals. In the intestinal tract, E. faecium will have access to a wide variety of carbohydrates, including maltodextrins and maltose, which are the sugars that result from the enzymatic digestion of starch by host-derived and microbial amylases. In this study, we identified the genetic determinants for maltodextrin utilization of E. faecium E1162. We generated a deletion mutant of the mdxABCD-pulA gene cluster that is homologous to maltodext  ...[more]

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