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Transcription profiling of Mus musculus, Bos taurus, Xenopus laevis oocytes

ABSTRACT: Identification of genes expressed in oocytes and conserved in three different species with a multi-species cDNA microarray.

INSTRUMENT(S): VersArray ChipReader [Bio-Rad Laboratories]

SUBMITTER: Marc-Andre Sirard   Maud Vallee 

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-488 | ArrayExpress | 2006-01-31


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Cross-species hybridizations on a multi-species cDNA microarray to identify evolutionarily conserved genes expressed in oocytes.

Vallée Maud M   Robert Claude C   Méthot Steve S   Palin Marie-France MF   Sirard Marc-André MA  

BMC genomics 20060510

BACKGROUND: Comparative genomic analysis using cDNA microarray is a new approach and a useful tool to identify important genetic sequences or genes that are conserved throughout evolution. Identification of these conserved sequences will help elucidate important molecular mechanisms or pathways common to many species. For example, the stockpiled transcripts in the oocyte necessary for successful fertilization and early embryonic development still remain relatively unknown. The objective of this  ...[more]

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