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Chromatin immunoprecipitation of human HEK293 cells with flag-tagged IMP1 antibody

ABSTRACT: Isolation of IMP1 bound mRNAs. Flag-tagged IMP1 was expressed in HEK293 cells. Flag tagged IMP1 was immunoprecipitated and mRNAs isolated. As controls HEK293 cells that do not express Flag-tagged IMP1 was included.

INSTRUMENT(S): 418 [Affymetrix]

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Rehannah Borup  

PROVIDER: E-MEXP-841 | ArrayExpress | 2006-12-31


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Molecular composition of IMP1 ribonucleoprotein granules.

Jønson Lars L   Vikesaa Jonas J   Krogh Anders A   Nielsen Lars K LK   Hansen Thomas vO Tv   Borup Rehannah R   Johnsen Anders H AH   Christiansen Jan J   Nielsen Finn C FC  

Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 20070207 5

Localized mRNAs are transported to sites of local protein synthesis in large ribonucleoprotein (RNP) granules, but their molecular composition is incompletely understood. Insulin-like growth factor II mRNA-binding protein (IMP) zip code-binding proteins participate in mRNA localization, and in motile cells IMP-containing granules are dispersed around the nucleus and in cellular protrusions. We isolated the IMP1-containing RNP granules and found that they represent a unique RNP entity distinct fr  ...[more]

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