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ChIP-Seq of NSL3 and MBD-R2 in Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells to investigate the function of Non-Specific Lethal (NSL) complex

ABSTRACT: The major H4K16 acetylase MOF has been found in two complexes, the Male-Specific Lethal (MSL) and the Non-Specific Lethal (NSL) complex. The latter one consists of at least 7 members: NSL1, NSL2, NSL3, MBD-R2, MCRS2, WDS, and MOF. To investigate it's function, we performed genome-wide profiling of NSL3 and MBD-R2 in S2 cells. In addition, we obtained ChIP-Seq profiles for NSL1 and MCRS2 from 3rd instar larvae salivary glands that can be accessed via the accession number E-MTAB-214. This submission is also related to E-MTAB-1084.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer II

ORGANISM(S): Drosophila melanogaster  

SUBMITTER: Asifa Akhtar   Friederike Muhlpfordt   Kin Chung Lam  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-1085 | ArrayExpress | 2012-06-19



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