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Transcription profiling by array of primary human cell cultures derived from Clear Cell Renal Carcinomas and adjacent healthy tissue

ABSTRACT: In this work we aimed to perform, for the first time in human clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC), a comprehensive and detailed study of endogenous LOX expression and functions. To overcome the difficulties and limitations due to tissue heterogeneity, we took advantage of a consolidated in vitro model of primary cell cultures that we obtained from normal kidney and ccRCC tissues. We have previously extensively characterized these primary cell cultures for their proteomic, cellular, and genomic features, and we also investigated here for their transcriptomic profile by using Affymetrix technology. This in vitro model has been instrumental for the molecular and functional analysis of endogenous LOX related to ccRCC progression.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Cristina Battaglia  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-4074 | ArrayExpress | 2016-06-06


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