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RNA-seq of human and mouse stem-cell derived neurons and mouse primary cortical neurons after KCl-induced membrane depolarization against controls.

ABSTRACT: This experiment comprises RNA-seq data used to study evolutionary differences between humans and mice in neuronal activity-dependent transcriptional responses. Activity-dependent transcriptional responses in developing human stem cell-derived cortical neurons were compared with those induced in developing primary- or stem cell-derived mouse cortical neurons 4 hours after KCl-induced membrane depolarisation. Activity-dependent transcriptional responses were also measured in aneuploid mouse neurons carrying human chromosome 21, allowing study of the regulation of Hsa21 genes, plus their mouse orthologs, side-by-side in the same cellular environment of a mouse primary neuron.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500

ORGANISM(S): Homo Sapiens Mus Musculus

SUBMITTER: Owen R Dando  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-5489 | ArrayExpress | 2017-02-16



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Evolutionary differences in gene regulation between humans and lower mammalian experimental systems are incompletely understood, a potential translational obstacle that is challenging to surmount in neurons, where primary tissue availability is poor. Rodent-based studies show that activity-dependent transcriptional programs mediate myriad functions in neuronal development, but the extent of their conservation in human neurons is unknown. We compared activity-dependent transcriptional responses i  ...[more]

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