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Dietary carbohydrates in land-locked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.): impact on hepatic metabolism

ABSTRACT: A common-garden experiment was carried out to compare two genetically distinct strains of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fed diets formulated with either high (CHO) or low (NoCHO) carbohydrate (starch). Twenty salmon from either a commercial farmed strain or a land-locked population were placed in two tanks (10 fish of each population in each tank) and fed either CHO or NoCHO feeds for 32 days. At the end of the experimental period fish were fasted for 8 h, euthanized and samples of blood and liver collected. Both diet and population had an effect on circulating glucose levels with land-locked salmon showing hypoglycaemia and dietary starch increasing this parameter. In contrast, land-locked salmon showed increased plasma triacylglycerol levels regardless of dietary treatment. This enhanced ability to metabolise dietary starch in land-locked compared to farmed salmon stock was also reflected at a molecular (gene) level as most of the metabolic pathways evaluated in the present study were mainly affected by the factor population rather than by diet. In particular, lower expression of genes for mitochondrial metabolism in land-locked salmon reflects drastic differences in energy metabolism between the populations. The liver transcriptome analysis highlighted some new gene candidates such as elovl6 to evaluate in future studies assessing the capacity of salmonids to cope with feeds containing higher levels of dietary starch.

ORGANISM(S): Salmo salar  

SUBMITTER: Mónica B Betancor  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-6188 | ArrayExpress | 2018-12-31


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