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ChIP-seq of CIC (Capicua) and histone marks (H3K9ac, H3K27ac and H3K4me1) in glioma neural stem cells (GNS) G144, human foetal neural stem cells (hNSC) and mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC),

ABSTRACT: We identified genome-wide binding patterns of CIC in several different cell types and find that CIC target genes are enriched for MAPK effector genes involved in cell cycle regulation and proliferation. CIC binding to its target genes is abolished by high MAPK activity, which leads to hyperacetylation and their transcriptional activation. Inhibition of MAPK signaling via MEK inhibition leads to recruitment of CIC to its target genes. Expression data of G144 cells after MEK inhibition and CIC knockout is available under accession E-MTAB-6681

INSTRUMENT(S): NextSeq 500

ORGANISM(S): Musculus  

SUBMITTER: Kristian Helin   Simon Weissmann  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-6682 | ArrayExpress | 2018-05-31



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The Tumor Suppressor CIC Directly Regulates MAPK Pathway Genes via Histone Deacetylation.

Weissmann Simon S   Cloos Paul A PA   Sidoli Simone S   Jensen Ole N ON   Pollard Steven S   Helin Kristian K  

Cancer research 20180529 15

Oligodendrogliomas are brain tumors accounting for approximately 10% of all central nervous system cancers. CIC is a transcription factor that is mutated in most patients with oligodendrogliomas; these mutations are believed to be a key oncogenic event in such cancers. Analysis of the Drosophila melanogaster ortholog of CIC, Capicua, indicates that CIC loss phenocopies activation of the EGFR/RAS/MAPK pathway, and studies in mammalian cells have demonstrated a role for CIC in repressing the trans  ...[more]

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