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Transcription profiling by array to investigate psoriasis risk and non-risk isoforms of CCHCR1 in HEK293 cells

ABSTRACT: CCHCR1 (Coiled-Coil alpha-Helical Rod protein 1) is a putative psoriasis candidate gene with the risk alleles CCHCR1*WWCC and *Iso3, the latter inhibiting the translation of isoform 1. CCHCR1 was recently shown to be a centrosomal protein, as well as a component of cytoplasmic processing bodies (P-bodies) that regulate mRNA turnover. The function of CCHCR1 has remained unsettled, partly because of the inconsistent findings; it has been shown to play a wide variety of roles in divergent processes, e.g., cell proliferation and steroidogenesis. Here we utilized expression microarray and RNA sequencing (RNAseq) using HEK293 cells overexpressing isoforms 1 or 3 (Iso1, Iso3 cells), in combination with the coding non-risk or risk (*WWCC) haplotype of CCHCR1. Our aim was to study the overall role of CCHCR1 and the effects of its variants.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Kristiina Tammimies  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-6848 | ArrayExpress | 2018-06-04


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