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ChIP-seq in primary wild type and Rad21-cohesin haploinsufficient mouse liver using cohesin, CTCF and a collection of tissue-specific and ubiquitous regulators

ABSTRACT: Mapping of cohesin, CTCF and a collection of tissue-specific and ubiquitous transcriptional regulators using ChIP-seq in primary mouse liver. The following antibodies were used: CTCF (upstate, 07729), STAG1 (abcam, ab4457), STAG2 (abcam, 4464), RAD21 (abcam, ab992), CEBPA (santa cruz, sc9314), HNF4A (aviva systems biology, ARP31946), FOXA1 (abcam, ab5089), FOXA2 (santa cruz, sc6554), HNF6 (santa cruz, sc13050), HNF1A (santa cruz, sc6547), PREP1 (santa cruz, sc6245), NRSF/REST (santa cruz, sc25398), GABPA (santa cruz, sc22810), E2F4 (santa cruz, sc1082), p300 (santa cruz, sc585), CBP (santa cruz, sc369), RNAP2 (abcam, ab5408), H3K4me1 (abcam, ab8895), H3K4me3 (abcam, ab8580), H3K36me3 (abcam, ab9050), H3K79me2 (abcam, ab3594), H2AK5ac (abcam, 1764)

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Andre J Faure  

PROVIDER: E-MTAB-941 | ArrayExpress | 2012-06-22



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Cohesin regulates tissue-specific expression by stabilizing highly occupied cis-regulatory modules.

Faure Andre J AJ   Schmidt Dominic D   Watt Stephen S   Schwalie Petra C PC   Wilson Michael D MD   Xu Huiling H   Ramsay Robert G RG   Odom Duncan T DT   Flicek Paul P  

Genome research 20120710 11

The cohesin protein complex contributes to transcriptional regulation in a CTCF-independent manner by colocalizing with master regulators at tissue-specific loci. The regulation of transcription involves the concerted action of multiple transcription factors (TFs) and cohesin's role in this context of combinatorial TF binding remains unexplored. To investigate cohesin-non-CTCF (CNC) binding events in vivo we mapped cohesin and CTCF, as well as a collection of tissue-specific and ubiquitous trans  ...[more]

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