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Transcription profiling of different tumors (BC2 and BC91) measured by poly(A)+RNA and aRNA for each tumor

ABSTRACT: This experiment was designed to determine the correlation between expression levels of defferent tumors (BC2 and BC91) measured by poly(A)+RNA and aRNA for each tumor. Total RNA was amplified using the Jeffrey lab protocol with G50 cleanup.

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Janos Demeter   Hongjuan Zhao  

PROVIDER: E-SMDB-1764 | ArrayExpress | 2006-06-06


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Optimization and evaluation of T7 based RNA linear amplification protocols for cDNA microarray analysis.

Zhao Hongjuan H   Hastie Trevor T   Whitfield Michael L ML   Børresen-Dale Anne-Lise AL   Jeffrey Stefanie S SS  

BMC genomics 20021030 1

BACKGROUND:T7 based linear amplification of RNA is used to obtain sufficient antisense RNA for microarray expression profiling. We optimized and systematically evaluated the fidelity and reproducibility of different amplification protocols using total RNA obtained from primary human breast carcinomas and high-density cDNA microarrays. RESULTS:Using an optimized protocol, the average correlation coefficient of gene expression of 11,123 cDNA clones between amplified and unamplified samples is 0.82  ...[more]

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