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Transcription profiling of human ovarian carcinomas

ABSTRACT: Unsupervised hierarchical clustering of ovarian cell lines and ovarian cancers. Cell lines were not co-clustered with the tumor specimens, because these cell lines have a very prominent proliferation cluster (Perou et al., 1999; Ross et al., 2000) that significantly influences the clustering of the tumor samples if the two sample sets are not analyzed separately. Ovarian cancer specimens and cell lines were clustered based on variation of expression of 1,558 genes, as detailed in Methods. Genes were clustered based on similarity in their expression patterns among these cancers. Eight gene clusters are highlighted in this display. (A) Lymphocyte cluster, (B) Epithelial/Keratin expression (C) Ascites Signature, (D) Clear cell over-expressed genes, (E) Extracellular Matrix/Stromal cluster, (F) Proliferation cluster, (G) Heterogeneity across ovarian cases, and (H) Clear cell under-expressed genes. The color contrast of the scale bar indicates the fold of gene expression change in log2 space (numbers above the bar).

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Janos Demeter   Douglas Ross   Marci Schaner  

PROVIDER: E-SMDB-2253 | ArrayExpress | 2006-06-06


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We used DNA microarrays to characterize the global gene expression patterns in surface epithelial cancers of the ovary. We identified groups of genes that distinguished the clear cell subtype from other ovarian carcinomas, grade I and II from grade III serous papillary carcinomas, and ovarian from breast carcinomas. Six clear cell carcinomas were distinguished from 36 other ovarian carcinomas (predominantly serous papillary) based on their gene expression patterns. The differences may yield insi  ...[more]

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