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Comparative genomic hybridization of human H. pylori isolates from naturally infected Mexican patients and BCS-100 strain

ABSTRACT: Array CGH of human H. pylori isolates from natrually infected Mexican patients and BCS-100 strain used for experimental infection of humans which is labeled as OVX-34 in this sample set(Graham et al., 2004, Gut, 53:1235-1243). Each Mexican isolate has a three digit number indicating the patient, a letter indicating biopsy site location and number indicating single colony clone number. Patient 249,259 and 251 are adults and patient 291,293,612 and 653 are children. Multiple single clonies were isolated from 2-4 gastric biopsy sites (a- antrum, c-corpus, f- fundus, i-incisura angularis). Genomic DNA prepared from each experimental strain (500 ng) was labeled with Cy5 (red channel) and co-hybridized with an equimolar mixture of genomic DNA from the reference strains 26659 and J99 (500 ng).

ORGANISM(S): Helicobacter pylori  

SUBMITTER: Janos Demeter   Nina Salama  

PROVIDER: E-SMDB-3981 | ArrayExpress | 2007-05-11


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Genetic analysis of Helicobacter pylori strain populations colonizing the stomach at different times postinfection.

Salama Nina R NR   Gonzalez-Valencia Gerardo G   Deatherage Brooke B   Aviles-Jimenez Francisco F   Atherton John C JC   Graham David Y DY   Torres Javier J  

Journal of bacteriology 20070302 10

Genetic diversity of the human gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori in an individual host has been observed; whether this diversity represents diversification of a founding strain or a mixed infection with distinct strain populations is not clear. To examine this issue, we analyzed multiple single-colony isolates from two to four separate stomach biopsies of eight adult and four pediatric patients from a high-incidence Mexican population. Eleven of the 12 patients contained isolates with identic  ...[more]

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