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Transcription profiling of Gadus morhua pituitary gland, pylorus, spleen and testis to validate the IMR Atlantic Cod 16k cDNA array

ABSTRACT: The Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, is an important species both for traditional fishery and increasingly also in fish farming. The Atlantic cod is also under potential threat from various environmental changes such as pollution and climate change, but the biological impact of such changes are not well known, in particular when it comes to sublethal effects that can be difficult to assert. Modern molecular and genomic approaches have revolutionized biological research during the last decade, and offer new avenues to study biological functions and e.g. the impact of anthropogenic activities at different life-stages for a given organism. In order to develop genomic data and genomic tools for Atlantic cod we conducted a program were we constructed 20 cDNA libraries, and produced and analyzed 44006 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from these. Several tissues are represented in the multiple cDNA libraries, that differ in either sexual maturation or immulogical stimulation. This approach allowed us to identify genes that are expressed in particular tissues, life-stages or in response to specific stimuli, and also gives us information about potential functions of the transcripts. The ESTs were used to construct a 16 k cDNA microarray to further investigate the cod transcriptome. Microarray analyses were preformed on pylorus, pituitary gland, spleen and testis of sexually maturing male cod. The four different tissues displayed tissue specific transcriptomes demonstrating that the cDNA array is working as expected and will prove to be a powerful tool in further experiments.

ORGANISM(S): Gadus morhua  

TISSUE(S): Spleen, Testis, Pylorus, Pituitary Gland

SUBMITTER: Rolf Brudvik Edvardsen  

PROVIDER: E-TABM-1040 | ArrayExpress | 2010-08-16


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