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Genotype-specific responses in intestinal lipid metabolism to complete dietary fish oil replacement by vegetable oil in Atlantic salmon

ABSTRACT: As part of a study investigating the effects of genotype on responses to sustainable feeds in Atlantic salmon, a microarray analysis of the intestine transcriptome of two family groups, identified as 'Lean' or 'Fat' (based on flesh lipid content), which were fed a diet containing either 100% fish oil (FO) or 100% vegetable oil (VO) was undertaken.

ORGANISM(S): Salmo salar  

SUBMITTER: John Taggart  

PROVIDER: E-TABM-1173 | ArrayExpress | 2012-03-01


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Effects of genotype and dietary fish oil replacement with vegetable oil on the intestinal transcriptome and proteome of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).

Morais Sofia S   Silva Tomé T   Cordeiro Odete O   Rodrigues Pedro P   Guy Derrick R DR   Bron James E JE   Taggart John B JB   Bell J Gordon JG   Tocher Douglas R DR  

BMC genomics 20120904

BACKGROUND: Expansion of aquaculture requires alternative feeds and breeding strategies to reduce dependency on fish oil (FO) and better utilization of dietary vegetable oil (VO). Despite the central role of intestine in maintaining body homeostasis and health, its molecular response to replacement of dietary FO by VO has been little investigated. This study employed transcriptomic and proteomic analyses to study effects of dietary VO in two family groups of Atlantic salmon selected for flesh li  ...[more]

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