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Transcriptional response of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) to fish oil vs vegetable oil based diets

ABSTRACT: The effect of different diets (i.e. fish oil based vs vegetable oil based) on liver transcription profiles over the life history stages (freshwater and marine phases) of cultured Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) were explored. Two groups of fish were raised from first feeding on different lipid containing diets; a) the standard 100% fish oil based diet, the other enriched with a blend of vegetable oils (75%) + fish oil (25%). Liver samples were taken from fish at four time points: two freshwater phase (as parr 36 weeks post hatch (wph); as pre-smolts, 52 wph) and two marine phase ( as post-smolts 55 wph; and as adult fish , 86 wph). A total of 96 cDNA microarray hybridisations - TRAITS / SGP Atlantic salmon 17k feature cDNA microarray - were performed ( 2 diets x 4 time points x 6 biological replicates x 2 -dye swap) using a comon pooled reference contol design.

ORGANISM(S): Salmo salar  

SUBMITTER: John Taggart  

PROVIDER: E-TABM-449 | ArrayExpress | 2008-08-01


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A description of the origins, design and performance of the TRAITS-SGP Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L. cDNA microarray.

Taggart J B JB   Bron J E JE   Martin S A M SA   Seear P J PJ   Høyheim B B   Talbot R R   Carmichael S N SN   Villeneuve L A N LA   Sweeney G E GE   Houlihan D F DF   Secombes C J CJ   Tocher D R DR   Teale A J AJ  

Journal of fish biology 20080601 9

The origins, design, fabrication and performance of an Atlantic salmon microarray are described. The microarray comprises 16 950 Atlantic salmon-derived cDNA features, printed in duplicate and mostly sourced from pre-existing expressed sequence tag (EST) collections [SALGENE and salmon genome project (SGP)] but also supplemented with cDNAs from suppression subtractive hybridization libraries and candidate genes involved in immune response, protein catabolism, lipid metabolism and the parr-smolt  ...[more]

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