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Comparative genomic hybridization of Enterococcus faecalis isolates from European hospital environments

ABSTRACT: Comparative genomic hybridization of 15 strains isolated in European hospital environments and selected for CGH based on MLST sequence types

ORGANISM(S): Enterococcus faecalis  

SUBMITTER: Margrete Solheim  

PROVIDER: E-TABM-905 | ArrayExpress | 2010-08-01


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Comparative genomic analysis reveals significant enrichment of mobile genetic elements and genes encoding surface structure-proteins in hospital-associated clonal complex 2 Enterococcus faecalis.

Solheim Margrete M   Brekke Mari C MC   Snipen Lars G LG   Willems Rob J L RJ   Nes Ingolf F IF   Brede Dag A DA  

BMC microbiology 20110104

BACKGROUND: Enterococci rank among the leading causes of nosocomial infections. The failure to identify pathogen-specific genes in Enterococcus faecalis has led to a hypothesis where the virulence of different strains may be linked to strain-specific genes, and where the combined endeavor of the different gene-sets result in the ability to cause infection. Population structure studies by multilocus sequence typing have defined distinct clonal complexes (CC) of E. faecalis enriched in hospitalize  ...[more]

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